Clinical Trials

A clinical trial compares the effects of 1 treatment with another. It may involve patients, healthy people, or both.

You can ask your doctor or a patient organisation if they know of any clinical trials that you may be eligible to join.

You can also search for information on a number of websites and register your interest in taking part in research.

Why join a clinical trial?

Clinical trials help doctors understand how to treat a particular illness. It may benefit you, or others like you, in the future.

If you take part in a clinical trial, you may be one of the first people to benefit from a new treatment.

But there's also a chance that the new treatment turns out to be no better, or worse, than the standard treatment.

To hear other people's experiences of taking part in a clinical trial, visit the website

For more information you can find it on the NHS website here

Did you know that Village Health Group is a research active practice?

We want everyone to have the opportunity to be involved on health research
We may contact you directly if we think a particular research study would be of interest to you
There are lots of reasons to get involved 
  • Your wellbeing- learn more about your condition and feel more in control of your care
  • Your care- you may be monitored more and receive tests and check-ups
  • Help others- your participation could improve and save the lives of others
  • Your health- you may benefit from a new test or treatment
  • Helping you NHS- new discoveries make the NHS stronger and more efficient 

Every minute one patient is recruited to participate in NHS research in England such as testing new drugs and devices. Research is vital to imporve our health service and requires close working between patients, healthy volunteers, the NHS univerisites and life sciences companies

Ask your doctor or nuse about research and see trials seeking volunteers click here

For more information about Clinical Trials please contact reception and ask for Tracey Cullington