First Contact Physiotherapy

First Contact Physiotherapy at Village Health Group

Here at VHG we offer a free Physiotherapist service without having to be referred by a GP. 

If you have any aches and pains you would like advice on you can contact reception and book an appointment with one of our Physiotherapists. Every patient is different so no two treatment plans are the same. They offer a high level of personalised treatments for patients, using the latest digital and internet technology.

They visit 3 out of 4 of our surgeries throughout the week. Please see below.

  • Church House- Monday, Thursday & Friday 8am-12pm
  • East Leake- Thursday  & Friday 1pm-6pm
  • Keyworth- Wednesday 8am-6pm, Thursday 1pm-6pm 

They are also available on weekends at Castle Healthcare morning and afternoon. 

Our receptionists are specially trained to help you get the most appropriate treatment as fast as possible. In order to do this, they need to ask you questions about why you need to see a doctor but a GP appointment might not always be necessary and they might be able to get you a Physio appointment faster.