Patient Record

Online Medical Records


Registering for online services will enable you to view a summary of your medical records as well as book appointments and order medication.

We verify the ID of all our patients who want access to the online system to protect the confidential information contained in your medical records.

Simply complete the form and our admin team will send you your username and temporary password. Please be aware we may contact you to verify your identity.

  • Book and Cancel Appointments
  • Request Medication
  • Access your Medical Record

All from the comfort of your own home, without waiting on the phone.

Change your Personal Details

Change of Personal Details

To update your details with us, you can either complete this electronic form or visit the surgery to complete a paper form.

Please be advised we CANNOT ACCEPT CHANGES OF NAME(s) using the online forms. Changing of patient names requires a copy of birth, marriage or deed poll certificate being brought to the surgery.

Consent to Discuss your Medical Record

Consent Form Explained

If you are wanting somebody to be able to discuss your medical record on your behalf or want them to have access to your online records from their own log in, simply download and complete this form then hand it back to reception or email it back to us.

On this form you can chose WHO has consent and WHAT type of consent they have.

  1. Medical Record Consent - this gives somebody consent to discuss your whole medical record either in person, over the phone or by email with our Doctors and staff.
  2. My Online Medical Record Consent - this gives somebody consent to access a summary of your online account from their log in. They will not be able to see your Full Clinical Record or Detailed Coded Record.
  3. My Online Detailed Coded Record Consent - this gives somebody consent to access your online account to view any medical codes that have been recorded.
  4. My Online Full Clinical Record Consent - this gives somebody consent to access your online account to view your medical codes AND any free text that has been recorded.

Click the Consent and Online Information PDF link below before completing the consent form to view your responsibilities

Consent and Online Information.pdf

Sharing Your Medical Record

Increasingly, patient medical data is shared e.g. between GP surgeries and District Nursing, hospital and other secondary care providers in order to give clinicians access to the most up to date patient information.

The systems we operate require that any sharing of medical information is consented to by patients beforehand. Patients must consent to sharing of the data held by a health provider out to other health providers and must also consent to which of the other providers can access their data.

e.g. it may be necessary to share data held in GP practices with district nurses but the local podiatry department would not need to see it to undertake their work. In this case, patients would allow the surgery to share their data, they would allow the district nurses to access it but they would not allow access by the podiatry department. In this way access to patient data is under patients' control and can be shared on a 'need to know' basis.

Sharing your Record, Opt Out Form

Use this form to opt out of sharing your record within the NHS. If you wish to know more about how the NHS uses your records, click this image.