Patient Connect Members

Joint Patient Connect (Patient Participation Group)

The Joint Patient Connect (PPG) team come together regularly to discuss topics about Village Health Group with members of our surgery teams.

The aim of these meetings is to provide a consistent link between the voices of our patients and VHG to ensure we are providing the best care possible for all of our patients, and to ensure patients are kept up to date with any important news and changes that are upcoming. 

Having a Patient Participation Group allows us to provide answers to questions we may not otherwise have heard being asked in the community as well as hearing fresh ideas from a patient viewpoint.

PPG Members

Alec McKee

Andy Warren

Avril Bagshaw

Conrad Oatey

David Clarke

Douglas Grindlay

Gisela Petshler

Helen Barrow

James McHale

Kate McLaughlin


Kath Oakley

Lesley Coote

Liz Maddocks-Brown

Lois Lee


Martin Clarke

Mary Thomas

Richard Pickering

Sue Hall

Tim Corbin

Victoria Cluley

Can I Join?


We are eager to recruit a wide variety of members for our PPG (Joint Patient Connect) group from the community, especially for our Virtual PPG Group.

We appreciate the time given to the Village Health Group from all of it's PPG members and find the insight from patient's perspectives is extremely valuable. 

If you have suggestions which you think could help the Village Health Group improve its services, then joining the PPG could be perfect for you - simply contact the surgery for more details.

Alternatively, you can email us at:

Please note the PPG is not a route intended for specific complaints. Should you wish to make a complaint, please click our 'suggestions, praise and complaints' link at the bottom of the page.